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The editorial team of philosophos consists of authors whose greatest passion is philosophy.

They share their knowledge of literary works and thought concepts with you in our magazine. They also give you exciting recommendations when you are looking for the right products.

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Our Authors

Andrew Rose

Philosophy expert

Andrew is a philosophy buff with a knack for infusing deep thoughts into his own writing. He loves exploring life’s mysteries through words and sharing his unique perspective with readers.

Zoe Nolan

Philosophy expert

Zoe is a passionate scholar of both philosophy and literature, offering insights into the profound narratives of literary history. She enjoys sharing her discoveries with fellow literature enthusiasts.

Erin Brookes

Expert for philosophers

Erin’s lifelong love for books fuels her extensive knowledge of famous authors and literary classics. Her enthusiasm for literature is contagious, inspiring everyone to embrace the joy of reading.

Sophia Moran

Expert for philosophers

Sophia’s articles blend her love for philosophy with her passion for writing, offering inspiration and practical tips. She’s dedicated to mentoring aspiring authors, infusing her content with relatable enthusiasm.

Grace Atkinson

Historical expert

Grace explores the philosophical depths of literature with boundless love for reading and writing. Her warm and inspiring articles invite readers to join her on a journey through the literary world.

Tom Finch

Historical expert

Tom’s storytelling skills span genres and reflect his deep love for the written word. As a trusted source on literary platforms, he guides others on their own philosophical literary adventures.

Leon Reed

Product expert

Leon’s knack for selecting writing tools and resources, as well as tips for philosophical works, ensure that bookworms and writers are well prepared for their creative journey.

Shannon Connor

Product expert

Shannon’s love for the literary world shines through her meticulous research, offering indispensable recommendations for elevating the reading experience.

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Clear presentation of the content for our readers

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Intensive testing of a specific product by our editorial team
Evaluation of the product in terms of quality, workmanship and user-friendliness
Preparation of test results in descriptive product tests

Product guide

Research on requirements for a specific product group
Selection of suitable Amazon products according to certain selection criteria
Preparation of research results in product guides