Philosophy serves to deal intensively with the most diverse topics and to think about special topics. It is particularly about getting involved with certain topics and a certain process.
Philosophy is not only about dealing with complex theories, but also about gaining an insight into the topics of the world. One can, for example, refer to the fact that philosophy deals with critical topics. This could also concern, for example, the abortion of a child.
It is about analysing and defining concrete processes of living together. The first thing to do is to find out which possibilities offer you the most. These should then, for example, also be reconsidered from an ethical point of view. In philosophy, one tries to look at the situation from a variety of perspectives. Often people philosophize about how human life came into being and why man lives on earth. Since the beginning of human history there has been a philosophical debate about why man lives on earth and why we are here. People have always been curious about why we are here.
Of course there are different theories and approaches why we humans are here. Everyone has a different opinion. Basically everybody can enter the philosophy, after all there are no concrete rules like for example within different religions. Therefore everyone is mesnch open, what and how he thinks of other things in his environment. It is also about thinking about bad things in this world and thinking about possible changes. That means really actively thinking about how to make the earth a better planet and whether it is necessary at all. For example, a very well-known German philosopher was Immanuel Kant. He refers to the quote: „Have courage to serve your own mind“.
For that is what philosophy is all about, to stand by one’s own opinion and to have more confidence in oneself.

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